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September 15 2014


Japan: More And More, A Land Of Centenarians - Yahoo News

TOKYO (AP) Reaching the century mark remains a relative rarity for humans, but it is increasingly less so, and perhaps nowhere more than in rapidly aging Japan. The number of Japanese who are at least 100 years old, known as centenarians, has reached 58,820, according to the latest government estimate, released every September to mark Respect-for-the-Aged Day, a national holiday that falls on Monday. A Japanese woman is the oldest person in the world, 116-year-old Misao Okawa, according to Guinness World Records. The oldest man is also Japanese, 111-year-old blog Sakari Momoi. Somewhat appropriately, one of the Japanese characters in Momoi's last name means "100," and his first name Sakari translates as flourishing or the prime of life. Advances in health best site care are contributing to increased longevity in Japan and elsewhere. Japan now has 46.21 centenarians for every 100,000 people. WOMEN LIVE LONGER: Nearly 90 percent of Japan's centenarians are females. LONG LIVES: Japan ranks near the top in average life expectancies: 86.61 years for women and 80.21 years for men.
Read more: http://news.yahoo.com/japan-more-more-land-centenarians-023133720.html

September 14 2014


Yes, You Can Be That Fit Co-worker Who Bikes To Work - Yahoo News

Maybe your office has a shower you didn't know about, or there's a gym nearby where they freshen up. Maybe folks leave a little early to style their hair and http://baxterahgj.blogs.experienceproject.com/3544720.html makeup at work. Many websites, too, have advice for heading into a 9 a.m. meeting without looking like you just ran a marathon . These LifeHacker and LiveStrong posts, for example, suggest slowing your pace, wearing workout clothes, hydrating, checking review the dreaded humidity levels before leaving and investing in pannier bags, which hold your stuff on the side of the bike wheels instead of your back. [Read: Don't Let Your Commute Drive You Crazy .] Find workouts a buddy.
Full story: http://news.yahoo.com/yes-fit-co-worker-bikes-160115672.html


Gallery: Records Fall As Rana & Corbin Win Ironman Austria

Corbin reached T2 after an impressive 4:47:03 bike split having passed Hutthaler for the lead at the 150 km point. I felt really tired at the start of the marathon, Corbin said, But I wanted to start fast into the run. I did http://shieldsiqcg.skyrock.com not want to run with Lisa. Corbins 2:56:53 marathon helped her break Mary http://grossibwi.sosblogs.com Beth Ellis course record by almost a minute, shocking even herself. I guess this race has to sink in a http://shirleylnox.wordpress.com bit, she said after recording not only a new personal best, but also one of the fastest IRONMAN times ever. Braendli passed Hutthaler 14 km into the run, and finished second. Hutthaler was a happy third place finisher, also breaking the nine-hour-mark with her 8:53:20.
More: http://triathlete-europe.competitor.com/2014/06/30/rana-corbin-win-ironman-austria

September 10 2014


49ers New Stadium Has Ridiculously Good Food And A $5,000 Tailgate Party - Yahoo Sports

Then you're covered at Levi's Stadium. (CBSSports.com) If you don't happen to be a Google stockholder and you want something a little less resource pricey, there's a pub part of the restaurant for you. This is where you can get anything from nachos to a pulled pork sandwich to a burger to a half-rack of ribs for somewhere between $14-$18, which is actually a good deal when you consider you're eating at a stadium -- in the Bay Area. Oh and that pork sandwich, as you can see below, it's probably pretty fresh. You can literally watch a pork get slow-cooked. (CBSSports.com/John Breech) Anyway, lets get back to that $5,000 tailgate. The tailgate involves all-you-can-eat anything and all-you-can-drink everything (alcohol site web included). The $5,000 price covers the entire season, so it gets you into 10 tailgate parties inside of the restaurant. A giant tailgate inside of a restaurant that's inside of a stadium might seem like an obvious idea, but it's definitely not a normal one. The 49ers were thinking about twitter using the tailgate area as a media center, but Mina had another idea. "For 23 years [at Candlestick], we've thrown these tailgate parties that have just grown and grown," Mina told CBSSports.com."Other chefs come and we cook and there's usually 200-300 people at them.
More: http://sports.yahoo.com/news/49ers-stadium-ridiculously-good-food-040742326--spt.html

September 09 2014


Man Dies Of Suspected Shark Attack In Australia - Abc News

http://acmycaisrwa.skyrock.com/3228671703-Arians-Fumes-Makes-Players-Run-After-Skirmish-Yahoo-Sports.html Police confirmed in a statement that he was "bitten on the right leg by what is believed to be a shark." "He was seen floating in shallow water, close to the shore line, and dragged on to the beach," the statement said. Police had yet to identify the man or establish what he had been doing in the water. Australian Broadcasting Corp. radio reported he was believed to have been surfing alone. Byron Bay is a renowned surfing location near Cape Byron, the most easterly point of the Australian mainland 800 kilometers (500 miles) north of Sydney. The death is the first blamed on a shark learn more in Australia since April 3 when a 63-year-old woman was taken by a 3-to-4-meter (10-to-13-foot) shark as she took her daily ocean swim near the village of Tathra, 340 kilometers (210 miles) south of Sydney. Although sharks are common off Australia's coast, the country has averaged fewer than two fatal attacks per year in recent decades. But fatal attacks are becoming more common. Two men were killed in shark attacks off the east and west coasts in the space of a week in November last year.
More: http://abcnews.go.com/International/wireStory/man-dies-suspected-shark-attack-australia-25365582

September 05 2014


The Us Is Getting Hollywood's Help Building A Real 'iron Man' Battle Suit

[read] Don't they already know a thing or two about designing high-tech armor? moved here Apparently, the US military thinks so -- it's enlisting the help of Legacy Effects, which has built suits for Iron Man and RoboCop, to shape http://marcelokvvh.soup.io its TALOS (Tactical Assault Light Operator Suit) project. The company is both designing and 3D printing prototype pieces that will give a feel for what the armor is like in the real world. Of course, the result won't be anywhere near as slick as what Alex Murphy or Tony Stark wears in the movies. Legacy Effects is bound by the limitations of modern technology, which will likely make this early suit very clunky; think celebrities gossip of the makeshift suit near the start of the original Iron Man. Ekso Bionics is hoping to develop a powered exoskeleton, but it could be both heavy (around 400 pounds) and power-hungry. It may end up using a drone engine for power rather than an array of batteries. A Canadian firm, Mawashi Protective Clothing, is developing an unpowered substitute inspired by the natural protection of armadillos and insects. The US doesn't expect a fully functioning, independent suit until July 2018, and that's assuming there are no big setbacks.
Full story: http://www.engadget.com/2014/07/07/talos-armor-gets-hollywood-help/?ncid=rss_truncated

September 03 2014


Ryder Cup Callups For Westwood, Poulter And Gallacher - Yahoo News

http://chiquitafr.thoughts.com width='200px' style='float:left;padding:5px' /> . London (AFP) - Europe's moved here Ryder Cup captain Paul McGinley on Tuesday made his three wildcard picks for Gleneagles, selecting Lee Westwood, Ian Poulter and Stephen Gallacher. But there was no place for former world number one Luke Donald, despite being ranked higher in the world than the three chosen ahead of him to complete the 12-strong team. Already assured of a place in the European team for the September 26-28 showdown with the Americans in Scotland were Rory McIlroy, Henrik Stenson, Victor Dubuisson, Jamie Donaldson, Sergio Garcia, Thomas Bjorn, Justin Rose, Martin Kaymer and Graeme McDowell. That means that McGinley has at his disposal four of the top five ranking players in the world in McIlrioy, Stenson, Garcia and Rose -- all of whom have past Ryder Cup experience -- along with three rookies in Dubuisson, Donaldson and Gallacher. In all, there are seven players who retain their place from the team that two years Kim Kardashian ago in Chicago staged the greatest final day comeback in Ryder Cup history to defeat the Americans 14 1/2 to 13 1/2. The five changes involve Gallacher, Donaldson, Dubuisson, Stenson and Thomas Bjorn replacing Donald, Peter Hanson, Paul Lawrie, Nicholas Colsaerts, and Francesco Molinari. View gallery Scottish golfer Stephen Gallacher plays a shot from the bunker during the third round of the 2014 Om All the focus on Tuesday, however, was on which three picks skipper McGinley would make, with two former world number ones, Westwood and Donald, going up against Ryder Cup hero Poulter and 39-year-old would-be debutant Gallacher. In the end it was Donald, a veteran of four previous European Ryder Cup wins, but who has been in relatively poor form of late, who missed out.
More: http://news.yahoo.com/westwood-poulter-gallacher-ryder-cup-callups-114654968--golf.html

September 01 2014


Why Ab Workouts Are A Waste Of Time - Cnn.com

Bad advice and outdated research could be putting a kink in your workout efforts. <a href=news Here are some fitness myths that have proved to be just that.' style='float:left;padding:5px' /> Adding multiple bouts of intense cardiovascular work -- 30-minute sessions three to four times per week -- is a quick way to burn big chunks of calories in a short time. 51 fastest fat burners Finally, you'll want to make sure that your diet isn't loaded with a lot of extra, empty calories. For the most part, the more calories that you take in, the more you'll have to burn to lose weight. "Most people underestimate how much they eat and overestimate how much they've exercised, and that's a lethal combination for someone trying to lose weight," said Whitlock. to learn more What's nice is that the work you'll be doing in the gym -- whether it's strength training or cardio -- can be just as much of a workout for your midsection as any "abs blaster" class at your gym. And choosing movements that engage the abs and other core muscles will actually help you in your quest for a trimmer waistline. Try doing your chest presses while lying on a stability ball instead of on a bench. Replace the leg presses you do using a machine with just about any type of lunge. 7 easy ways to kickstart your metabolism Conveniently, when it comes to cardio, the exercises that challenge your midsection are also the ones that have the highest rates of calorie burn.
Full story: http://edition.cnn.com/2014/08/28/health/ab-workouts-ineffective/index.html?eref=edition

August 29 2014


France's New Economics Minister Proposes Increase On 35-hour Workweeks - Yahoo Finance

Days prior to taking office, 36-year-old Emmanuel Macron told a local magazine that loosening restrictions on the law -- originally passed in 2000 -- could serve to improve Frances lagging economic growth and sky-high unemployment rates, reports CNN. "We could authorize companies and sectors, provided there is a majority (union) agreement on this, to have exceptions to the rules on working time and remuneration," Macron told Le Point. Related: French Court Sides With Business Owner Over Negative Online Review Having seen zero nationwide growth in the second quarter and with an unemployment rate of 10.4 percent, Macronsaid that the key to a recovery in France is to liberate our potential energy to create activity. The 35-hour workweek, however, is a touchy subject in France, where the work-home balance tends more towards quality of life. Even so, many white-collar workers regularly work longer than the legal standard -- after which additional hours are compensated as overtime. (Prior to 2000, the workweek in France was 39 hours.) Related: France Orders 2,000 Trains Too Wide for Station Platforms review While Macron has made it apparent he is for the longer workweek, the government quickly clarified that the law was not subject to revision. The government has no intention of going back on the legal length of the working week, read a statement from the Prime Ministers office. In any case, the appointment of Macron, a free-market proponent and former banker distinguished by his youth and an unconventional marriage to his 50-year-old former French professor, has irked the current French socialist regime under President Francois Hollande.They fear that Hollandes removal of former economics minister Arnaud Montebourg, a go to website socialist, and his subsequent hiring of Macron, represents a rightward shift . Though France is famous for its distinct work-life balance, it is not the only country questioning workweek paradigms. Gothenburg, the second largest city in Sweden, is currently piloting a 30-hour workweek , while Carlos Slim, one of the richest men on Earth, also called for three-day workweeks comprising 11-hour days.
More: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/frances-economics-minister-proposes-increase-162744998.html

August 27 2014


Japan Pm Visits Landslide Site As Complaints Swirl | Washingtonexaminer.com

Photo - In this aerial image, rescuers <a href=tape search for the people still missing in the mud-covered residential area after the Aug. 20 landslides in Hiroshima, western Japan Monday, Aug. 25, 2014. The death toll from the landslides in the western city of Hiroshima climbed to at least http://www.blackplanet.com/your_page/blog/view_posting.html?pid=1959523&profile_id=63035093&profile_name=rhettmvgu&user_id=63035093&username=rhettmvgu 50 as local officials revised the number missing to 28 people. (AP Photo/Kyodo News) JAPAN OUT, MANDATORY CREDIT' style='float:left;padding:5px' /> Some in the earlier estimate of 38 were located in evacuation shelters, while others' names were duplicated inadvertently. About 1,700 people were staying in shelters as evacuation advisories remained in effect for areas where rain-soaked slopes are unstable. About 3,300 rescuers combed through debris with picks, shovels and chain saws, as the search was extended for bodies that might have been swept further away as the slides rushed through. We're sorry, there was an error processing your newsletter signup. Please click here to visit our Newsletter Signup Center to register for this newsletter. Abe postponed an inspection visit Sunday to avoid interfering with disaster relief operations, but met with evacuees and with a disaster task force Monday in Hiroshima.
Read more: http://washingtonexaminer.com/japan-pm-visits-landslide-site-as-complaints-swirl/article/feed/2159389

August 26 2014


Marysville Advocate > Sports > Scoreboard > Working Out Lifts Spirits

It takes around an hour to complete my workout, but that's dependent on how long I decide to spend doing cardiovascular. Recently webpage there have been a couple of times I've left the center unsatisfied. The first was about a week ago where I actually let what I considered to be a ho-hum workout trick me into going back later that night. So I tried to punish myself by increasing the weights on some of the exercises to challenge myself. I spent longer on the cardiovascular, too, and by the time I left, I actually felt good about a workout. That's what exercise is supposed to do. "Exercise not only boosts your physical health but it also improves mental health," according to a June 7, 2012 article in Scientific American.
Full story: http://www.marysvilleonline.net/articles/2014/08/25/sports/scoreboard/doc53cf3b63c5f16858407566.txt

August 25 2014


Fantastic Finish At The Pan Pacs - Sports - Journal Star - Peoria, Il

I woke up this morning fitness and I was in pain. After this mornings race and the nap I got, I felt pretty fresh. I felt good. For my first real big international meet back, we accomplished everything we wanted to. This is going to be a fun year. The United States topped the medal standings with 14 gold and 40 overall. Australia placed second with 10 gold and more 26 medals overall, followed by Japan with seven gold medals and a total of 19.
More: http://www.pjstar.com/article/20140824/SPORTS/140829561/10930/SPORTS

August 24 2014


Russian Rocket Launches European Navigation Satellites Into Wrong Orbit - Yahoo News

The launch contract was worth 397 million euros -- http://melvinysim.skyrock.com about $525 million, or $105 million per flight. European officials and Arianespace signed another launch contract Wednesday to deploy the other 12 OHB-built Galileo satellites on three Ariane 5 rockets, http://waldolkam.blogs.experienceproject.com beginning as soon as next year. The European Commission and ESA have launched or contracted for 26 Galileo satellites. With Friday's launch, 20 more satellites are on the ground in various states of assembly and testing for launches over the next three years. In a conference call with journalists earlier this week, Faivre said the European Commission and ESA decided not to purchase insurance for the Galileo satellites. "This is basically due to the fact that we have 22 satellites on the production floor," Faivre said.
More: http://news.yahoo.com/russian-rocket-launches-european-navigation-satellites-wrong-orbit-134414372.html

August 20 2014


Carpenter Wins Rainy 2nd Stage Of Usa Pro Challenge - Yahoo News

read more... united states /> American Alex Howes (Garmin Sharp) posted his second consecutive runner-up finish which propelled him into the overall lead. Defending champ Tejay Van Garderen (BMC) placed third, while Belgium's Ben Hermans finished fourth. Howes will wear the yellow jersey in Wednesday's 154-km third stage from Gunnison to Monarch Mountain. Hermans is 11 seconds back of Howes in the overall standings while Van Garderen, who finished fifth overall at last month's Tour de France, is in third. Carpenter was solo out in front with 23 km to go. Then Tuesday's rain -- that had been threatening all day long -- arrived, making the top of the Kebler Pass climb a rainy trek and the gravel descent dangerously slippery. So race officials neutralized the descent and then stopped Carpenter (Hincapie Sportswear) and the remainder of the field. After a five minute break they restarted them on the paved part of the descent with about 12 km remaining. The race was restarted based on time gaps at the top of the penultimate climb.
More: http://news.yahoo.com/carpenter-wins-rainy-2nd-stage-usa-pro-challenge-024738731.html

August 17 2014


Ub Athletics Pursuing Big-time Dreams - Sports - The Buffalo News

UB Athletic Director Danny White says Division I athletics should bring national exposure and marketing value, else why do it? Smaller ripples of attention emanated from an agreement that provided UB athletics a speck of presence on New York City radio, from pregame football concerts featuring national acts, from basketball schedules that this season include mens games at Kentucky and Wisconsin and an appearance at Duke by the womens team. And then when linebacker Khalil Mack went fifth overall in the NFL Draft in a bit of unplanned good fortune, waves of publicity crashed upon distant shores. Mid-American Conference athletic directors have see here taken notice, and two offered unsolicited appraisals of Whites efforts when contacted for this series. I have a lot of respect for Danny and the work hes doing, and I have no doubt that hes going to really push the right buttons to get things to happen and make things happen because hes getting after it and hes doing a really good job, said David Sayler of Miami. Very progressive. Well-respected, said Ohios Jim Schaus.
Full story: http://www.buffalonews.com/sports/university-at-buffalo/ub-athletics-pursuing-big-time-dreams-20140816


Two Niagara County Jail Inmates Face Drug Charges - City & Region - The Buffalo News

The first incident occurred Thursday evening, when Niagara Falls resident Tony L. Moore, 32, was found to be hiding a baggie of url marijuana inside his underwear, according to jail officials. The Niagara Avenue resident was charged with unlawful possession of marijuana and promoting prison contraband. On Friday evening, a strip search revealed that a Buffalo man had three baggies of suspected cocaine in his possession inside the jail, officials said. Mykel M. Davis, 24, was charged with first-degree promoting prison contraband and http://tannerhkjh.soup.io seventh-degree criminal possession of a controlled substance.
Full story: http://www.buffalonews.com/city-region/two-niagara-county-jail-inmates-face-drug-charges-20140816

August 12 2014


Robin Williams' Death: Hollywood Reacts (updated) - Yahoo News

He gave so much to so many people. Im heartbroken. Frank Drescher: He taught me to care about everyone on a show. From top to bottom he took Brody Jenner Attends Step-sister Kim Kardashian's Ex, Reggie Bush's Wedding After Skipping Hers | Thecelebritycafe.com time for all. A gr8 talent. Big loss :( We celebrities gossip mourn the loss of our friend Robin Williams, who always made us laugh and smile. pic.twitter.com/UOY8LTjVRA Sesame Street (@sesamestreet) August Kim Kardashian Visits Jersey Shore - Abc News 11, 2014 Very sad, very upset, very glad I did not have to hear about this though Twitter.
Full story: http://news.yahoo.com/robin-williams-death-hollywood-reacts-updated-032904349.html

August 10 2014


Usa Track & Field - Team Usa Earns 19 More Medals With Two Meet Records At Nacac U-23s

Tori Franklin (Westmont, Illinois) of Michigan State won gold in womens triple Kim Kardashian jump with her wind legal leap of 13.42m/44-0.5. Team USAs Ellie Eweres jump of 12.80m/42-0 won bronze in the event. In the mens 110m click hurdles, Vincent Wyatt (Atlanta, Georgia) of Radford University set a PR, crossing in a windy 13.55 (2.1) to improve by .05 seconds and earn the silver medal. U.S. teammate Freddie Crittenden (Utica, Michigan) of Syracuse finished in fourth with his time of 13.89. Approaching Day Two in heptathlon, Team USAs Brittany Howell (Wyncote, Pennsylvania) of Penn State with 3,362 points and Quintunya Chapman (Hinesville, Georgia) of the University of Georgia with 3,358 were in first and second place. Chapman clicking here won bronze at the conclusion of all events today with 5,332 points. Howell ended the day in fifth with 5,219.
More: http://www.usatf.org/News/Team-USA-earns-19-more-medals-with-two-meet-record.aspx


Usa Basketball U17 Team Defeats Greece By 10 In Tournament Opener: Eric Flannery Coach Blog - Cleveland.com

He played very well, coming off the bench for us. Diamond Stone led all scorer's with 22, and ten Kim Kardashian of the eleven players who played scored. It was a great team effort and a great win to start the more info tournament. Our next game is tomorrow vs. Angola at 4:30 p.m. Dubai time , 8:30 a.m. Eastern Standard Time. The game can be seen live on ESPNU. About Flannerys blog: St.
More: http://highschoolsports.cleveland.com/news/article/3628754760762486838/usa-basketball-u17-team-defeats-greece-by-10-in-tournament-opener-eric-flannery-coach-blog/

August 09 2014


Japan, S. Korean Fms Vow Further Talks After Freeze In Ties - Yahoo News

Send Thanks! A link has been sent. Done Japan, S. Korean FMs vow further talks after freeze in ties 55 minutes ago View gallery Japanese Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida speaks during the ASEAN-Japan ministerial meeting at the Myanmar Japan and South Korea vowed to "deepen communication" http://bassvxaj.blogs.experienceproject.com in the future during a rare meeting Saturday, diplomatic sources said, following a collapse in relations between the neighbours. Japan's Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida held "candid" talks with his South Korean counterpart Yun Byung-se on the eve of a regional security dialogue in the Myanmar capital Naypyidaw, a Japanese diplomatic source said. Koichi Mizushima, deputy press more information secretary at the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said that the two nations had discussed "the future direction of the Japan and Korea relationship".
Read more: http://news.yahoo.com/japan-korean-fms-meet-freeze-ties-162914567.html

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